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4thseason, COUSINS, chloesbirthday, witches

Secret Chlark

I can't believe part one is finished :) :) :)


Thank you. I've never done this before.
Ooh how exciting! I wrote my first Chlark as part of this event too, though that was a while back now lol! I'm sure yours will be great!
I hope so. It doesn't even have a title yet
Sometimes I don't title my work until the very end, so don't stress it. It'll tell you eventually what it is called. ;)
Congrats on your first fic!!
Thank you!!! I know it wasn't any good like the others but It was fun writing it. :)
Don't be so hard on yourself! I thought it was fun! And besides, nobody's first fic is ever outstanding (unless you are already some kind of writer). I know I continually want to go back and rewrite my own first fic efforts. Lol, though we'll see if that ever happens. The main this is having fun with it - which you did! So success!!
I did have fun so it was worth it.